M’GOO is much more than the simple meeting of musicians to play music. Throw in authors, psychologists, poets, visualizers; all collaborating to tell stories about the human psyche.

“The music and their short stories that we write, we hope will motivate people to appreciate their key inflection moments in their own personal journeys. We are all connected through shared stories and through storytelling we increase our own emotional awareness which is one of our greatest enlightenments.” – Mike M’GOO

The creator of this experimental storytelling experience, Mike M’GOO is a Trinidadian native now living in Montreal, Canada. Digging into his native roots of storytellers including singers like Calypso Rose, and authors VS Naipaul, M’Goo marinates these ideas into different musical genres such as post punk sounds with some jazz fused in and uses the wonders of the current media avenues for connecting with the audience. The online work is a combination of songs, short stories delivered as podcasts, and videos. The intimate live performances fuses songs with spoken poetry.

“Back in the 50s, and 60s era in Trinidad, storytelling with a simple guitar was how people got the news and how they understood changes in culture. It was these sorts of artistic storytelling in the culture that excited emotions. It was very powerful.”

Teaming up with Mike M’GOO to produce this experimental marination of storytelling is compositionists Matt Warnock and Jeff Louch. M’GOO can be found on all major platforms; we are excited to share this journey with you.

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