In this collection of songs, short stories, poetry, and video we explore things we learn about ourselves when love doesn’t work out. How it shapes us, how it molds us, and how it takes us forward in ways we only appreciate in retrospect…

Love is a duality. Some of our greatest enlightenments comes from its sting.

Let’s Fly to the Moon

Falling in love for the first time is a life changing experience.  It leaves its imprint on us in many ways we don’t fully understand until many moons after.  What did it awaken?  Did we lose ourselves?  Were we willing to shape our identity for someone?  How did it complement our spiritual growth at the time?  One thing for sure, love is a fuel for enlightenment, and falling in love for the first time brings an energy few of us forget.

‘Let’s Fly to the Moon’ is a short story about a young man discovering himself, his identity, and his own essence from the first time he fell in love.

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